Friday, June 11, 2010

Seared Duck Breast with Cherries and Port Sauce

When I eat out at restaurants, there are dishes I never order because I can competently prepare them at home. Chicken, salmon, and steak come to mind. I usually indulge in a fish that is not readily available to me at the market, rack of lamb, or my absolute favorite, duck breasts with crispy, fatty, succulent skin.

After spotting beautiful fresh cherries at the grocery store I found this recipe and decided it was time to tackle the duck at home. Harris Teeter sells Culver duck breasts, they are nice and reasonably priced.

As for cooking the duck in my kitchen, it could not have been easier or messier. The fatty skin that I love so much makes quite a greasy disaster area on and around the stove top, but we could forget about that until we were finished eating.

The duck turned out well, the boys liked it. Surprisingly, Alex, who can sit and eat bowls full of fresh cherries, didn't like the sauce. He says he didn't like the cherries cooked or the shallots. Oh well, I did, but I think I prefer to eat duck breast at a restaurant where there is a staff to clean up the mess!

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