Friday, April 30, 2010

Flat Iron Steak and Blue Cheese Scallion Drop Biscuits

Once again, the beautiful pictures on Smitten Kitchen inspired me to try another recipe posted on the site, Blue Cheese Scallion Drop Biscuits. Deb of Smitten Kitchen and most of the commenters felt the biscuits were breakfast fare, I immediately wanted to pair them with thinly sliced grilled steak and Dijon mustard.

I had planned on flank steak until I spotted the flat iron steak right next to it in the grocery store. Flat iron steak is thin like flank steak, but a lot less fatty. I marinated the meat in a trusty McCormick garlic and herb marinade and Sous Chef grilled it to perfection.

The biscuits were very easy to mix up and baked quickly. Hot out of the oven they were delicious. I made a little sandwich out of mine with the steak and mustard. My husband thought the blue cheese was a wee strong, the boys agreed. The next morning I had one for breakfast and realized they were correct. I will probably halve the cheese if I make these again.

Everyone loved the steak. I especially loved it with the mustard. A few weeks ago I was listening to a cooking show on the radio and a chef recommended Maille Dijon Mustard. I found some and it is fabulous. First I tried it on a ham sandwich and then with the steak, I'm hooked. Au revoir Grey Poupon.

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