Friday, April 16, 2010

Kid's Choice: Quesadillas

Another Wednesday another opportunity to get the kids to think outside the chicken tender and Kraft Cheese and Macaroni box. Actually, I'm proud to report that we haven't made a box of mac and cheese in this house for at least a couple of months. It was Dylan's turn to influence the menu, he requested quesadillas.

I found this recipe for Chicken Quesadillas at Epicurious. Chicken, cheese, and tortillas, maybe not a huge step out of the box, but onions, garlic, and pepper jack help. I made one slight change, I used half cheddar and half pepper jack. While in the grocery store, Dylan saw me pick up the peppery cheese and insisted that quesadillas were made with cheddar, so we reached a compromise.

Dylan, Daddy, and I all thought these were great. I would prefer a little more heat, sliced jalapeƱos would be nice, but it was Kid's Choice. Alex, on the other hand told me he didn't like them. He got in a little trouble Wednesday and incurred a pretty serious punishment (no sweets for a month!!!!). I think he would have turned his nose up at anything Mean Mommy put in front of him. At least he ate the watermelon, that's as sweet as it's going to get for quite awhile.

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