Thursday, February 25, 2010

Orzo with Shrimp, Chèvre, and White Wine

Tuesday night was a hectic one in our house. My sous chef had a paper and presentaion due on Wednesday and my third grader had a biography project on Thomas Jefferson to finish. I had to come up with a meal I could prepare sans sous chef. Since I have made this shrimp dish many times, I figured I could handle it. I ended up having to tear the sous chef away from his studies to clean the shrimp. I hate doing it and he needed a break anyway!

I made one minor change to the recipe, I used Chèvre instead of Feta and I top the dish with the cheese before I put it in the oven instead of when it comes out. The more mild flavor and softer texture of the cheese was nice. In the past I have omitted or lessened the crushed red pepper for the sake of the kids, this time I used the full amount. Amazingly, there were no "This is too spicy" whines.

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  1. I may try this, I would like to incorporate some shrimp into our repertoire more often. Looks delicious. I'm so hungry...