Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kid's Choice: Scrambled Eggs

With one son recovering from a stomach bug, the tacos we had planned for last night didn't seem like a smart idea. After a day of white toast with butter and sprinkles of cinnamon sugar, sick son instinctively knew he needed some protein and asked for eggs. Dad was at school taking a midterm, so I made enough eggs for three. Sicko expressly said no cheese in the eggs, so I only added a little ground pepper. The boys had their very plain eggs and a piece of toast with apricot jam.

My portion of the eggs needed to be jazzed up a bit, a perfect excuse to use the truffle salt again! I dressed some greens and attempted to turn my Parmesan and Gruyère crisp into a pirouette. I couldn't quite roll it tight enough, it still tasted good. My plate was finished with a slice of whole wheat toast.

Speaking of the plate, I picked it up at Crate and Barrel the other day. I got two large rectangle plates and two small. I love the amount of space on the plate and the price!

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