Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All the Rage With the Third Grade Set

My Third Grader came home today with a new way to spend his allowance. "I want to start a new collection", he told me, eagerly. I thought of the other collections upstairs, the collections that make it hard to navigate the boys' bedrooms. Baseball cards, Pokemon cards, Football cards, Legos, Playmobil, the list goes on and on.
"What do you want to collect now?" I patiently replied.
"Japanese erasers!" He ran to the computer and quickly pulled up the website.

After perusing the offerings, I want to collect Japanese erasers. The cupcakes are adorable and the teeth erasers are hysterical.

My son tells me these are a hit with boys and girls. At about $1.00 a piece they'd make great birthday party favors. According to the website, my fellow Charlotteans can find them at Learning Express in Stonecrest or you can buy here.

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  1. Huh.... I wonder if we should look into those lol