Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Kid's Choice

Since Dad has class on Wednesday night, we decided that it would become Kid's Choice night and the boys would help Mom set the menu and cook the meal. My youngest has no interest, so that leaves me and my eight year old. Last night I gave him a stack of issues of Everyday Food. All the recipes are simple and straight forward. He chose Tomato Soup with Cheese and Bacon Toasties.

My son was helpful in the kitchen, but felt left out because this recipe called for so much chopping. He volunteered, but I'm not so sure he's ready to learn knife skills yet! I let him stir the onions and garlic on the stove, that's a big job.

The soup was good, very fresh tasting. Of course the Cheese and Bacon Toasty (fancy name for grilled cheese) was delicious, you can't go wrong with Gruyère and bacon!

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